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The website was developed to provide live visual footage of wild Animals. The show “ANIMALLIVE” is now available 24 hours every day on an online platform jointly owned by earthTV network GmbH. The region will be successively covered in future by about 40 more earthTV cameras.

The web portal is one of the leading LIVE wildlife sites. One can observe animals and get information about them but also book trips in order to experience the animals LIVE. However, the portal offers more than just Videos and LIVE images. Picture galleries as well as Trivia about the Nature which sharpen all senses and are more than just entertainment.

The technology earthTV network’s revolutionary remote controlled broadcast camera systems and the transmission via SatLink over IP make this possible without intruding into people’s life or the animals naturals environment and thus without bothering them. The vision behind this project is to bring the world together live on screen as it evolves day by day, hour by hour in all its diversity and beauty.

earthTV network GmbH uses proprietary technologies and patented broadcast systems, earthTV network is a leading provider of unique daily content for world wide visual media.

earthTV network’s patented revolutionary remote controlled WILDLIVE HD-TV camera system as well as the LIVE playout allow for the production of unique images both for TV – in HD and SD – and for the Internet. The system delivers a LIVE stream including LIVE sound in various bandwidths over satellite to our broadcast center. In addition, the video signal is being recorded locally.

On ANIMALLIVE animals are being documented in their natural habitat – however, earthTV network introduces this technology also to other productions. The different formats include for example castings, LIVE moderation and promotional films. Read more about this at www.earthtv.com.

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